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Crusaders FC

Recenty we had taken over the social media marketing and design for the Crusaders Football Club, after working with them for a bit we discussed doing them a brand new website as their current one was poorly designed. The General Manager agreed to this and told us he actually threw the website together and had no idea what he was doing. He was more than happy for us to do their website. 

They had a few different things they wanted on the website, mainly a login with different levels of access so they could manage the content. Other features they wanted to have were to add players for each team, fixtures for each team, stats for each player, tables for leagues, a news article section and finaly a live feed of their games. As this was very specific we decided to go the route of building a custom back end for them, we knew they wouldnt have any experience in websites so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to use. 

We first designed the layout and how we wanted it to look, after we were confident in this we moved on to the back end. As they wanted different levels of access we created a system that only alows access to certain teams and areas, this too a decent amonunt of time as its a complacated process and needed lots of testing to make sure it was secure. Once we had this system it was a matter of creating a posting system and an editing system. Once one of these were done it was very easy to do the others as its just repeating the same steps and changing a few details. 


We had many zoom calls showing off progress and reciving feedback which really helped the process, it ment we knew we were on the right track and could keep powering through. As with every system there were a few bugs and errors but with a little time patience and lots of caffeine we were able to fix them and have a good system up and running. Through out the process there were a few design modifications, though the main product still looked similar to the intended one. Over all this was one of our favorite products as it was all built using code and not using a system like wordpress, it was a good challange and we hope to keep doing websites like these in the future.